Kyriaki Kalmpourtzi

Educational activity
Teaching of a large number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses of School of Agriculture of A.U.Th. and postgraduate courses in the program of Landscape Architecture (School of Agriculture and School of Architecture of A.U.Th.).

Supervision or/and participation in the supervising-examining committees of doctoral, postgraduate and undergraduate theses either of the School of Agriculture of A.U.Th. or of other Schools of A.U.Th. and other Universities.

Research and publishing activity
More than 100 publications in international, national, conference proceedings and books.
More than 50 participations in international and national conferences
Reviewer for papers published in international and national journals, and books.
Reviewer for research projects.
Participation in 12 research projects
Participation in 4 concerted actions and networks

Research interests
General Research Area: Agricultural Ecology
Specific Research Topics: Biological (organic) farming, Alternative farming systems, Interactions between agro-ecosystems and other ecosystems, Allelopathy, Crop residue management, Crop residue decomposition, Nutrient cycling and energy flow in Mediterranean agro-ecosystems, Climate change effects on agriculture and vice versa.

A protected patent entitled “Use of reed compost (Phragmites australis Cav. Steud) as fertilizer” was obtained. Publication Number: 20090100640/2009-04003. Recognition Organization: Organization of Industrial Property

Laboratory of Ecology and Environmental Protection, School of Agriculture
Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry & Natural Environment
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 54124  Greece
Tel number: +30 31 998621, Fax number : +30 31 998652

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