Urban design, regional planning and landscape

Semester 2

Urban design: Concepts and methods (Alexandra Yerolympos, Athina Vitopoulou, Anastasia Mpourlidou)

Integrated lectures and seminar sessions allow the student to discuss issues and topics relevant to the design of a constantly changing urban landscape. The general intent is to provide a broader context for the understanding of design theory and practice.

Urban and regional planning (Evangelos P. Dimitriadis)

The aim of the first part of the course is the introduction of the postgraduate students to the principal theories, the logic and the basic concepts of spatial analysis and planning. Its main perspective is towards the urban scale, but it also extends upwards to the regional scale, and downwards to that of urban design; in the second case, the emphasis is given to the articulation of urban design with urban planning. Progressively, and as a basic knowledge of spatial matters will be acquired, the courses will turn to urban and regional legislation, and the treating of the natural environment and urban landscape in the context of urban planning intervention.

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