Sotirios E. Tsiouris

Sotirios Tsiouris is Emeritus Professor of Environmental Chemistry and Environment protection, School of Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Environment, Laboratory of Ecology and Environmental Protection, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Research experience on Lake pollution, Rain Chemistry, Chemistry of snow and snowmelt, Wetlands (Ecology, Pollution, Management), Pollution from agricultural activities, Field Margins in Agro landscape, Environmental Education, Landscape Conservation.

Teaching experience:
Undergraduate courses of the Department of Agriculture, AUTh
“Environmental protection (Environmental Chemistry)”, “Wetlands and Agriculture”, “Environmental pollution from food industries”.
Postgraduate courses
A) in the program of "Ecology and Sustainable Management of Ecosystems" of the Department School of Agriculture, AUTh: “Wetland Ecology”, “Ecotoxicology” and “Principles of Ecosystem Management and Preparation of Management Plans”
B) In the Joined postgraduate program “Landscape Architecture”, Department of Architecture and Department of Agriculture (AUTh), “Landscape Conservation, Restoration and Rehabilitation”.

Publications: 100 in Greek and in English.
Participation in 24 International and 24 Greek scientific conferences.

Tel: +30 2310787432

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