Anastasia Bourlidou

Anastasia is an architect, graduate of the School of Architecture, AUTh (2006) and holder of a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture, AUTh (2009). During her postgraduate studies, she received the P&E Michelis Institution scholarship (2008-2009). Her scientific interests focus on the investigation of the architectural, urban space and landscape within an interdisciplinary framework of theory and design. She has participated, as a member of architectural teams, in competitions and international workshops, such as: “Design of Heptapyrgion monumental ensemble open space in Thessaloniki” (2012); “Regeneration of Achiropiitos-Hagia Sophia Axis of Thessaloniki Municipality”-3 rd Prize (2012); “Ecoweek 2011. Urban communities + Green architecture”. She has been coordinator and took part in various exhibitions, targeted on the enhancement of urban open spaces. She has participated in research programs, announcements and publications in magazines and conference proceedings, national and international (Indicatively: A. Bourlidou, “Urban heterotopias. Reorganizing the west front landscape of Thessaloniki”, mla dis. with superv. prof. M. Ananiadou-Tzimopoulou, Ecoweek 2015. Sustainability in Public Space, A. Bourlidou, I. Pavlidou, S. Lefaki, «Regaining Public Space· the case study of Hagia Sophia axis», Changing Cities II. Spatial, Design, Landscape & Socio-economic Dimensions, 22-26 June 2015, Porto Heli, Greece, Graphima, Volos 2015, E.G. Gavra, A. Bourlidou, K. Gkioufi, “Αllegoria ca recuperare culturală a istoriei pierdute”, Arhitectura, Bucureşti 2012 “Landscape Architecture. 100 Works for the City. Thessaloniki 2012”). In parallel, she has taken part in studio courses and lecture conduction at AUTh School of Architecture, Joint Postgr. Program in Landscape Architecture and UOM BSOS. She is currently a PhD candidate at AUTh School of Architecture.

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